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Janet is specialized in DBT for individuals and PACT for couples.

Image by Artem Kovalev

Janet Wang, MA, LPC, NCC (she, her, hers)

Licensed Professional Counselor

I specialize in Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for the treatment of especially difficult-to-treat issues such as severe depression and anxiety, PTSD, borderline personality disorder and bipolar disorder. I am well-versed with clients with issues of self-harm and frequent hospitalizations. I currently run a counseling group for patients enrolled in DBT Intensive Outpatient Program at Ascension Seton Hospital in Austin, Texas. I help clients get through their day-to-day conflicts and hurdles so that they feel like they are living a life worth living.

I also specialize in working with couples with high conflict and tension.  I apply Psychological Approach to Couples Therapy (PACT) in my work with couples and I have been PACT Level I and II trained.  I help guide couples into figuring out what their principles are, their dealbreakers, overcome betrayal, and help them to be able to work out issues themselves that's best for their relationship. 

My passion for therapy thrives in creating a safe, non-judgmental, and collaborative space for you to feel secure and comfortable to share and explore your thoughts and feelings. I see that my role is to help you see your potential and work towards living a life that you wish for.

In my practice, I use a holistic approach that considers the various factors that play a role in how we cope whether you are dealing with anxiety, depression, life transitions, and traumatic events. I use my experience and training across multiple approaches, such as Cognitive Behavioral, Solution Focused, Humanistic Existentialism, and others to tailor the sessions to help you reach your goals and to better understand how the past has influenced your present and the direction you want to go in the future.

I have a passion for working with adults, adolescents, and couples from many background using a wide variety of counseling techniques to cater to each client’s specific needs. I’ve also had prior experience working with clients of all different ages and situations at Capital Area Counseling, and have also completed intensive PACT training for counseling couples and EDIT for eating disorders. I’ve also managed and worked with 500+ women, men, non-binary and transgender individuals in high-stressed career and corporate work environments for over 16 years, helping them with balancing everyday stressors – career, relationships, personal interests, and achieving their goals.

It can be difficult to take that first leap into therapy and I want to commend you for being here at this place and time. I look forward to the opportunity of beginning the counseling journey with you!

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