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What I Provide

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Individual Therapy

Individual therapy helps you move closer to your personal goals.  It can help you cope effectively with stress and worry, overcome depression and grief, improve your social skills and ability to connect to others, improve your self-care to become physically and mentally healthier, and overall make fundamental changes in the way you think and feel.

Virtual or In-Person sessions offered at $130 per 50 minute session.  Please note, by the end of August 2024, in-person availability will be phased out and only virtual sessions will be offered afterwards. 

For RO DBT specific counseling, virtual sessions offered at $185 per 50 minutes.

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Couples Counseling

Couples counseling is different from individual psychotherapy, as you and your partner meet together with me to address problems or struggles in your relationship.  Couples counseling helps people overcome problems such as poor communication patterns, frequent fighting or arguing, problems with intimacy, sexual incompatibility, financial stressors, differences in beliefs or values, and violations of trust and safety.

Virtual or In-Person sessions offered at $150 per 60 minute session and $275 per 120 minute sessions.   In-person availability will be phased out by end of August 2024 and only virtual sessions will be offered afterwards. 

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Applying Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) for individuals with high-acuity levels, those with challenging medical conditions with significant, unpredictable needs, who want to especially maintain their DBT skills so that they can have better control of their emotions and distress and improve their quality of life!

Other areas I provide counseling in:

Depression and Sadness

Anxiety, Fear, and Stress

Self Esteem

Major Life Changes


Grief and Loss

Creating Healthy Boundaries

Counseling for Women, Men, and Non-Binary

Counseling for Adults & Adolescents

Family Conflict Issues

Marriage and Relationship Concerns

Dating and Breakups

Career Counseling

Cultural Issues

Minority Issues

Asian American Issues

Distressed couples

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